Interview went pretty well I guess. Let me share more about this job which I’ve been interviewed for.

Pros – 5 days work week, big company, chances of OT is very very low and I get to learn a lot of stuffs.

Cons – The place where I will be assigned to is all the way in the west and its really not an easily accessible place. Camera handphones are not allowed. The main issue is still the time taken to travel to that place.

Its like I probably gonna have to wake up around 5 in the morning on weekdays so I think I’m going to have no social life on weekdays. I kinda dread the feeling of losing touch with most of my friends. Some of them I already have problem meeting up with them often and some I guess I won’t even have the chance to hang out with them ever in my lifetime. At least this means my time would probably be spent on people thats worthy of it and have always been there for me.

Looking on the bright side, this time round I’m surprised that I’ve been so focused on this career path. I have to admit over the past few months my mental strength has greatly improved thanks to friends. I used to be so weak mentally. Guess I will just grit my teeth and get the experience I need..time and distance should not prove to be an obstacle to me.

I used to forgive and forget easily. Now I can forgive but forget? I’m really going to need more time but one thing for sure, I don’t bear grudges.


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