Ready a not

The time was 7.05pm. Eugene was on a bus to meet his friend at tampines when he received a call from tett. ” Eugene faster get down to Fort Canning now !”. All Eugene could say was ” hey man I didn’t get the tix for the gig “. ” Vernon has got 2 spare tix ! ” was the reply from tett. ” eh I already have an appointment guys enjoy ! “. My face might look straight at that moment, but in my mind I was punching my own face.  FML

Another boyband from my secondary school memories. All my other friends digged ‘ like a rose ‘ but I’ve always preferred this song.


3 responses to “Ready a not

  1. the ugly truth:guys are not interested in girls problem they only care about …..hahas..the movie got this sentence

  2. useyourillusions

    yeah but that doesnt apply to me !!

    meetup soon 😦

  3. hahas you sure anot??!!ok…

    there is still another phrase in the movie guy sucks rite?

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