Last entry ever in my blog. Seriously I can’t think of any reasons to update the blog anymore. If it invokes some bad memories, why not just discard it? Lots of things has happened since my last post.

I’ve gotten used to my job and I just received my 1st pay !

I’m barely on speaking terms with my dad.

My lifestyle is kinda healthier these days. On most days I would be in bed by 12.30am. Even on weekends I tend to wake up no later than 10am. You know what? It feels kinda good staring at the sunlight outside my house at 10am in the morning. God knows how long its been since I’ve actually woken up that early on a weekend.

I’m much more careful of my spending. Now I have to worry abt household expenses, transport expenses, daily meals( since I always have my meals outside), insurance and cigs. I’m really seriously thinking of cutting down on my cigs intake. I don’t even dare to dream abt getting luxury brands anymore. In the past I would have forked out $82 for that shampoo but now I actually rejected it without much hesitation.

That advice from E really knocked a lot of sense into me and actually make me feel better. ” Its just her way of making herself feel better”. She’s a gal too, so I don’t think she’s wrong eh?

I missed the late night chats and sharing of daily stuffs with a good friend. It really really puzzles me why after being back to normal close terms, we drift apart again for a few weeks to months? This vicious cycle just kept repeating itself. I used to think its my fault..but now I seriously have no idea. I’m just too tired to think or blame myself. What difference are we from acquaintances now?

A vid to end off my last ever post in this blog.

Sooner or later, I’m gonna be like Howard Hughes or Axl Rose and live in obscurity if this carry on.


One response to “Shunkashuutou

  1. hey so long never tag me in my blog le =(

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