Interview went pretty well I guess. Let me share more about this job which I’ve been interviewed for.

Pros – 5 days work week, big company, chances of OT is very very low and I get to learn a lot of stuffs.

Cons – The place where I will be assigned to is all the way in the west and its really not an easily accessible place. Camera handphones are not allowed. The main issue is still the time taken to travel to that place.

Its like I probably gonna have to wake up around 5 in the morning on weekdays so I think I’m going to have no social life on weekdays. I kinda dread the feeling of losing touch with most of my friends. Some of them I already have problem meeting up with them often and some I guess I won’t even have the chance to hang out with them ever in my lifetime. At least this means my time would probably be spent on people thats worthy of it and have always been there for me.

Looking on the bright side, this time round I’m surprised that I’ve been so focused on this career path. I have to admit over the past few months my mental strength has greatly improved thanks to friends. I used to be so weak mentally. Guess I will just grit my teeth and get the experience I need..time and distance should not prove to be an obstacle to me.

I used to forgive and forget easily. Now I can forgive but forget? I’m really going to need more time but one thing for sure, I don’t bear grudges.


Every rose has its thorn

Job Interview in another 14 hours time. Not many people know about my job interview..probably around 5 person? I sure do hope I get the job. I need the money and also the job to occupy myself with. Wish me luck !

Thanks Chris for the tie and for accompanying me to my haircut.

Thanks Zhi Shen for the bag.

Thanks Ethel for helping me to print out my job application form and resume.

Thanks Mavis my hairstylist for offering to style my hair later before my job interview but I guess I won’t be taking you up on your offer.

Brings back some memories doesn’t it?

All that I need

Boyzone singer Stephen Gately has died while on holiday in Majorca at the age of just 33, bringing an end to a varied and successful career on stage.

Gately was born in Ireland in March 1976 and joined Boyzone in 1993 after answering an advert in Dublin to audition for the country’s first boy band.

Sharing lead vocals with Ronan Keating, the band enjoyed huge success with 17 top five singles – six of them number ones, including All That I Need in 1998.

When the group split in 2000, the line-up – which also included band mates Mikey Graham, Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch – had achieved four number one albums – Said and Done, A Different Beat, Where We Belong, and By Request.

Gately was the first of the disbanded group to embark on a solo project and saw his first single New Beginning, from the album of the same name, climb to number three in the UK singles charts.

He witnessed further top 20 success with the singles Stay in 2001 and I Believe in 2000, which featured on the soundtrack of the film Billy Elliot, before being dropped by Polydor in 2001.

Gately went on to forge a successful career on the West End stage in a series of musicals, taking the lead role in Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and playing the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

After a string of pantomime and musical appearances, Gately appeared on ITV’s Dancing on Ice in 2007. With his dancing partner Kristina Lenko, the pair made it to eighth place before bowing out.

Adored by millions of female fans, Gately sent ripples through the pop music world in 1999 when he announced that he was gay.

In 2006 he married his long-term partner Andrew Cowles in a civil partnership ceremony in London in 2006. The pair were on holiday together on the Spanish island when he died.

Gately had enjoyed renewed success with Boyzone after the band reformed in 2008 and released the compilation album Back Again… No Matter What, featuring the bands greatest hits as well as new material including the tracks Love You Anyway, Better and Can’t Stop Thinking About You.

The band were planning on bringing out a new album in 2010 but their recent 19-date Better tour failed to fill stadiums, despite offers of free tickets.

In recent years, Gately had been writing a children’s fantasy novel called The Tree of Seasons. His last message on the social networking site Twitter, posted on 6 October, said: “Still busy – lots going on. Focusing on finishing my book next so may be quiet here.”


Many people might not know but I used to listen to a lot of pop stuffs when I was in secondary school, especially boybands like Boyzone, Westlife, Backstreet Boys and N Sync.

My fav song by them. I can still remembered playing this song back and forth in my discman during my secondary school days. Ha ha discman..tsk tsk memories.


While I was on the phone earlier at 3am in the morning, I  thought about something all of a sudden. In the space of five minutes, I managed to set my priorities and who to devote my time and attention to.

Lets just stick to wine now instead of beer.

The riff is so fucking catchy 🙂

reckless road


Should I get this or some new clothes? Life really sucks when you are jobless and low on funds. Still contemplating whether to go for a haircut since I’m no longer a student and I have to pay the rate of $35 now.

I think and I hope my luck is changing soon. Managed to get a small winnie the pooh bear in my 1st or 2nd attempt (depending on how u look at it) at this machine in the arcade @ PS. No its not those ‘catching’ machines..

Timbre was fun. Didn’t managed to finish our roasted duck+ garlic shrimps pizza. Service was below par as usual. Kinda lazy to put down in words so I’m going to just say a few words. Pizza, Wine, Cocktail, Beer, great company and messy table. The only cool thing abt the live band today is they actually played ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica. Ha ha beat that !  I bet 80% of the patrons there have no idea what that song is.



Pictures were taken from Christine’s blog. I’m really lazy to upload the rest.


I was just checking out one of my msn conversation history with a special person. It really brought smiles to my face. Sometimes I do really sound like a kid when I’m chatting with her and yet other times I can like assume the role of an elder by sharing my views and offering advices to her. I do wonder sometimes how nice it would be if she were in the same school as me, my life in school would be a lot sweeter then. You know how rare it is to find someone that you can break off contact for months and yet when you get back to speaking terms again, there won’t be any awkward silence. The many on-off contact occasions were really due to our ‘thinking too much’. Its a trait that we have in common. Timbre on the 9th ! 🙂

Walk away if you want to
it’s ok, if you need to
you can run, but you can never hide
From the shadow that’s creeping up beside you
There’s a magic running through your soul
But you can’t have it all
(Whatever you do)
I’ll be two steps behind you
(Wherever you go)
and I’ll be there to remind you
that it only takes a minute of your precious time
to turn around and I’ll be two steps behind.
Take the time
to think about it
Walk the line, you know you just can’t fight it
Take a look around and see what you can find
Like the fire that’s burning up inside me,
There’s a magic running through your soul
But you can’t have it all
(Whatever you do)
I’ll be two steps behind you
(Wherever you go)
and I’ll be there to remind you
that it only takes a minute of your precious time
to turn around and I’ll be two steps behind.
There’s a magic running through your soul
but you, you can’t have it all
(Whatever you do)
I’ll be two steps behind you
(wherever you go)
and I’ll be there to remind you
that it only takes a minute of your precious time
To turn around and I’ll be two steps behind.
Two steps behind
yeah, baby
two steps behind
ohh, sugar
two steps behind

One of my fav songs by Def Leppard. You can play this song with your friends during a casual jamming session, slow dance to it with your loved ones or even play it during your wedding.


Whats worse than lies? Childish actions that is. Yeah truthfully speaking, I’m quite hurt and disappointed by your actions. You say 1 thing but you mean another thing. I bet if facebook allows one to do the same thing, you would probably have done it too.

Don’t feel’re doing great.

If ever we bumped into each other on the streets, lets not acknowledge each other ok? You don’t have to be fake truthful to yourself please. You wanted to cease all contact from my point of view so lets keep it that way.